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All the programmes require an initial assessment to ascertain individual requirements and expectations. The programme is then individually compiled and implemented.

POSTURE Programme:

This aims to address poor posture through exercise and if necessary, manual techniques as well. It is suitable for anybody with poor posture (e.g. teenagers, desk/office workers, the elderly).
We have recently added our PERFECT Programme: This is specifically suited to adults who wish to improve their appearance through looking slimmer and younger by improving their posture and the way they move.
Both these programmes typically include 10 sessions over 4-6 weeks, but can be tailored to suit individual needs.


This aims to give individuals a daily exercise programme they can use to provide a base for good health. This is comprised of a short programme of exercises only, to a more comprehensive programme including dietary advice, cardiovascular fitness and stress-relieving techniques.


These programmes are typically implemented after spinal surgery, hip and knee replacements and shoulder surgery. They run concurrently with post-operative treatment as according to individual needs and circumstances.


Pre-operative programmes are also available to ensure and enhance optimum post-operative results.