Grace Hughes Physiotherapists, Ramsgate, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Physiotherapy. Rehabilitation. Sports injury.



Grace Hughes is an experienced Medico-Legal and treating practitioner. She has been a medico-legal practitioner for 12 years and a practising physiotherapist for 25. Her practise includes academic, clinical and rehabilitative physiotherapy.

Through initial thorough and comprehensive assessments, she is able to provide accurate, concise and relevant opinions and reports for claimants or defendants, as well as joint minutes. Expert evidence is presented clearly and persuasively in court.

In consultation with legal teams, other medical experts and actuaries, her medico-legal cases have included both road accident fund and medical negligence claims.


Medico-Legal reports can advise regarding:

  • Injury sustained

  • Past, present and future functional capacity

  • Present, future and ongoing physiotherapy and rehabilitation needs

  • Physiotherapy recommendations and costs

  • Work readiness and capacity

  • Clear prognosis timescales

  • Opinion on whether to proceed with a medical negligence case

    Areas of expertise include

  • Orthopaedic injury (spinal injury, whiplash, amputations, fractures, nerve injuries, arthritis etc)

  • Neurological

  • Rheumatological


The costs of a Medico-Legal report vary depending on the complexity of the case and therefore hours needed to complete the assessment and subsequent report. An approximate quotation can be provided once basic details regarding the case are known.

An hourly rate is applicable for the assessment, compiling the report and also pre-trial conferences, further reports and court attendance. Additional charges will apply for travel expenses.


The practice requires written, faxed or emailed instruction with the following information prior to assessment:

  • Services required

  • Purpose of the report

  • Medical records

  • Orthopaedic report if possible

  • Other reports available

  • Particulars of claim and defence

  • Any other background information


Once the assessment has taken place, a full medico-legal report will be furnished within 28 days, provided all the necessary documentation has been made available.

Urgent reports can be arranged.

To instruct Grace Hughes Physiotherapy, contact or call 039 316 6479.